Welcome to the Time Initiative of Maine!

We are a shared network of people and groups exchanging time, talents, and abilities in mutual support. We are an affiliate of TimeBanks USA, a global network using local currrency in cooperation. We honor good work by rewarding time spent helping communities to thrive in the heart of Maine. We build trusted networks of support by linking community needs with untapped assets.

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Community Potlucks to Begin in Gardiner


Join us for a community potluck at 16 Freemont St. in Gardiner on Saturday, Sept. 27, beginning at 1pm. In case of rain, potluckers will move inside with limited space, so RSVP’s are highly recommended to Dan and Brenda Stevens at (207) 215-8421. Stacey Jacobsohn, the Director of T.I.ME, willRead More…

Shared Blog: The Importance of Mini-Golf

Mini-golf is a game that not only knits families together, but can heal the institution of Family, the nation, and the planet, when played by Timebankers…


Our own T.I.ME members Merry and Burl Hall hosted Charles Eisenstein on their thriving Envision This Radio program on BlogTalk Radio, talking about creating the new story that we want to live based on meaningful work and a gift culture; it’s a great listen: CHARLES EISENSTEIN ON THE MORE BEAUTIFULRead More…

You Are Invited! Tuesday, June 3 at Johnson Hall in Gardiner!

Stephanie Rearick2

Transformational Economics: Introduction to Mutual Aid Networks
Time Initiative of Maine and Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center are hosting Stephanie Rearick for an evening of collaboration and information-sharing on community development models, including TimeBanking, Co-ops, and Transition Towns.

Stacey Jacobsohn on Time Banking: MPBN Radio

Stacey Jacobsohn, Director of T.I.ME, talks about economic alternatives for cash-strapped Mainers with Jennifer Mitchell on “Maine Things Considered:” http://www.mpbn.net/DesktopModules/PDGNews/MediaPlayer.aspx?PDGNewsStoryID=33339&PDGNewsMediaID=9233&TabID=181&ModuleID=3475

Great TimeBanking Stories on Virginia Public Radio!

Listen to “Virginia Conversations” on public radio discussing vibrant statewide efforts to grow the TimeBank movement for community connections and resilience. Discussions include meaningful community exchanges, the core values of TimeBanking, comparison to other alternative currencies and concerns of governance and trust within TimeBanks. Very inspirational and informative! http://virginiapublicradio.org/2014/03/28/virginia-conversations-time-banking/

Blog » Techie Goodness

Ryan Toothaker, Director of Information Technology for T.I.ME, has started a new blog of interest to anyone who has ever wanted to throw their computer across the room. Check out Ryan’s first post– You’ll want to subscribe to this: Blog » Techie Goodness.

Elevation Q&A: Edgar Cahn, who believes that everyone has something to contribute

Elevation Q&A: Edgar Cahn, who believes that everyone has something to contribute.

5 Things We Can Learn About Aging Well From Japan

Japan has already learned the health benefits of time banking. Huffington Post shares why America needs to do the same on a mass scale: 5 Things We Can Learn About Aging Well From Japan.

On the Road with a TimeBanker


You can save humanity when you stop at tollbooths. A fun thing that I do to spread the idea of reciprocity–Pay for the car behind you and ask the tollbooth operator to ask the next driver if they would like to pay it forward.

We have what we need if we use what we have. ----- Dr. Edgar Cahn